Friday, January 29, 2010

Savoir Faire

Jane Douglas grew up in Virginia, I in Atlanta. We both went to college in Virginia. At some point when you live in Virginia, the "Virginia sensibility” becomes a part of you. Virginians have a natural elegance, a certain savoir faire. In Virginia the landscape itself is breathtaking. I remember driving out to the Blue Ridge Parkway just to watch the sun set.

Jane Douglas and I both lived in Richmond ages ago when we were in our twenties. The city of Richmond itself is full of beautiful architecture and lovely neighborhoods. In fact, we are all drawn to beautiful things – whether it's a house, a piece of furniture, the leaves in the fall, fabric, a sunset, a poem or a painting.

We went on the Cathedral Tour of Homes last week and both of us were struck by one house in particular, which has a stunning living room. It is fun and beautiful and graceful all at the same time. I would say that is the style that we both are drawn too – a tamer version of Miles Redd and Kelly Wearstler. Traditional interiors with a twist, that aren't too serious. After all, we want to be able to live easily in our houses, even with children and dogs!

First two images courtesy of Elle Decor, third image courtesy of Southern Accents. First room is Miles Redd, second image is Elizabeth Martin, third is Barry Dixon.


  1. I battled the rain last Sunday and visited all of the homes on the tour too. I'm curious which home's living room you're referring to. Was it the Habersham house?

  2. Yes, it was the Habersham House, good guess! I was absolutely crazy about the whole house - didn't want to leave!

  3. I knew it was the Habersham house! When I saw that house in the fall, to interview the owner and prepare to write the profile for the Antiques Show magazine, it truly took my breath away. I wrote in the house write up that every room elicits an emotional reaction.

    The house was photographed for Southern Accents, and was set to be in one of the 2010 issues, but of course we all know that SA closed shop. It will probably be in a different magazine, so the owner requested that I not post detail pictures on my blog.

    I would love to see more of Carolyn Malone's work - if this house is any indication, she is a genius! She frequently works with Bill Litchfield, and I have heard that they make an amazing team.

  4. Here's a link to a Southern Accents interview with Carolyn Malone:


  5. Hope y'all will let us know when we can see it in the magazines.