Monday, February 15, 2010

Artist Profile: Helen Durant

I Stand My Ground, 2010

Masai Tribesmen 2008

Well-known Atlanta artist Helen Durant currently has work hanging at the SpotlightonArt, SwanCoachHouseGallery , and MasonMurerFineArt, and StantonHomeFurnishings.

From Helen's website: Helen Durant is an artist of exceptional power and veracity. Of particular interest to Helen is the unconscious mind and how it contributes to her art. Through the modes of mixed media and collage she endeavors to not force the content and character of her work but let it emerge out of process, sacrificing control for serendipity. What results is a surprising mix of expressions, from dark and shadowy to lighthearted and etherial and everything in between. "The scraping away of layers of pigment serves as a metaphor," says Durant, " for the uncovering of the authentic unvarnished self." Whether the motif is goats, dancers, adobe dwellings, hounds or fallen fruit, this work has a raw intensity and veracity that is constant and mirrors the artist's commitment to self exploration and examination.

Helen is my aunt and I have some of her early work hanging in my house.

A still life, 1977

Pawley's Island, mid 80's

Helen is known around the South as the goat lady, because for years she lived near a herd of goats and they were her frequent subjects. She has goat paintings currently at Mason Murer,the Trinity School Artist's Market (Spotlight on Art), and Stanton Home Furnishings.

But Helen paints so much more than goats. Her connection with animals is apparent in all of her works with animal subjects. She went to Africa in September 2008 and most of 2009 was spent painting African animals. (The Masai at the top are from that period also).


Times Puzzle, 2009

Understated Beauty, 2009

Some of Helen's most powerful work is figurative. I have a very strong connection to this piece titled Outside Looking In, 2006 .

From the same body of work, The Surrogate, 2006

Recently, Helen has been painting predators, wolves in particular. From that 2010 collection of work:
Beneath the Surface,2010

Winter Walk, 2010

To find out more about this dynamic, innovative artist please visit her website:

All artwork appears courtesy of Helen Durant and may not be used without her permission

Helen's work has appeared in Traditional Home, House Beautiful, and Atlanta Home and Lifestyles.


  1. Wow, I loved seeing more of Helen's work! I can't believe she is your Aunt - what a small world. The new predator series looks amazing.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Spooky wolves, ready to step out of the canvas. I think it's wonderful to have art from you own family.

  3. It is a huge treat to have so many artists in my family. My great uncle was portrait painter William F Draper (who painted president's and statesmen - Kennedy and Kissinger were two of his most famous subjects). My cousin William Weyman is a painter in Savannah (his gallery is called Daedelus) and my aunt Helen is here in Atlanta. I have works by all three on my walls and feel such a connection to all of them.

  4. Absolutely beautiful art! How fun to have her in the family! Great introduction.