Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Delicious and Easy Party Appetizer

It's the time of year for Holiday parties galore. Here's a fantastic recipe that never fails to get devoured - and it's easy and quick to make. (Men especially love this.) I have already taken it to 3 parties this season.

Sausage Cream Cheese Dip

1 lb. bulk pork sausage
2 bricks of cream cheese
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes
Tabasco sauce - as many shakes as you like

Brown sausage and drain. Add cream cheese and tomatoes. Stir until cheese is melted. Serve warm with tortilla chips (Scoops work the best). Enjoy!

My family calls this "man dip" because men love it so much.

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  1. Man dip indeed. Need to serve lady dip too, at least at our place.

  2. Of course ladies love it too - but we have to push the men out of way to get to it!

  3. I am totally making this today! I am in charge of appetizers and I didn't know what to do. Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Helen!