Tuesday, November 29, 2011

John Muir Exhibit at the Atlanta History Center - only until Dec 4

Don't miss the John Muir exhibit at the Atlanta History Center. It will be there until December 4. See the information below from the History Center's website:

October 13, 2011-December 4, 2011

John Muir was a botanist throughout his life and his fondness for the nature and beauty of plants contributed significantly to his understanding of the need to preserve wilderness. Yet this aspect of the well-known conservationist’s passions is little known. In the spirit which John Muir embraced the botanical world, the traveling exhibition Nature’s Beloved Son: Rediscovering John Muir’s Botanical Legacy traces his travels to Canada, Indiana, the American southeast, California, and Alaska, and presents vivid images and specimens of the actual plants that Muir held in his hands, carried in his pockets, and preserved for all time.

Nature’s Beloved Son includes high-resolution images of Muir’s plant specimens on large format canvas and paper prints, allowing the exploration of the structures, patterns, and anatomies of the plant world. Historic images, pages and drawings from Muir’s journals set the context for his plant collecting and a set of original plant specimens shows visitors the real thing. To further inspire, the exhibition includes several quotes from Muir about his fascination with nature and devotion to plants. A film shown in the gallery and narrated by the curator and Muir re-enactor Frank Helling, features additional plant specimens and historic images.

Peachtree and Cherokee Garden Clubs are both sponsors of this exhibit.

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  1. John of my favorite people!!! Wish I could be there.