Thursday, January 26, 2012

Richard Keith Langham Learning Lecture February 2

Cathedral Antiques Show Learning Lectures - February 2: 1pm, Speaker: Richard Keith Langham

You won't want to miss the lecture by Keith Langham on February 2 at 1pm at St Philip's. He will be speaking about Decoration: Fact and Fantasy.
above, a Georgetown townhouse

In an interview in 2009, Keith said:
“I have been doing this now for almost 30 years, and I’ve done projects all around the country. I just really talk about the decorating process, where you take a vision from your client and acting as an editor in order to bring the room into reality or fruition,” he said.

“I do sort of classic timeless rooms that are kind of based on English sensibilities, but they are not English rooms,” said Langham “I always like to add a little kick to it or a little element of whimsy.”
via elle decor

above image and 4 below, a Mississippi house, via Architectural Digest

from Architectural Digest:
Alabama-born, Manhattan-based Richard Keith Langham’s claim to fame is Anglo-Southern extravagance, or the English country-house look amped up with antebellum eccentricities. The sometimes-dishy theatricality Langham achieves through his use of intense paint colors, swooning curtains, bullion fringe, and an heirloom-style assemblage of curious antiques has a solid classical foundation, however; his training began more than 20 years ago in the office of the late Anglophile decorator Keith Irvine. Langham’s traditionalist ethos has served him well with clients who prize old-fashioned quality over instant gratification (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one). And speaking of quality, the designer’s upholstery is so meticulously crafted it could be the work of an haute couturier.
Below, a New Orleans house
Bedrooms by Keith Langham
All of the images above, interior design by Keith Langham. His work is fabulous!!! See you at St. Philip's.

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