Thursday, April 19, 2012

Houses of Veranda

Thanks to my friend Lisa Newsom and her daughter Leslie, whom I know from my time at Southern Accents in the early 1980's, I received a copy of Houses of Veranda in the mail yesterday. What a treat! Thanks you ladies!!!

The book is a visual delight, with beautiful images on every page. There are so many rooms and spaces to savor, if you love beauty, you will be thrilled with this book. Here's description of the book from the press release:
"Decorated by prominent designers, the spaces range from classic to modern, romantic to peaceful retreats, and are unified by an elevated sense of quality and style. These homes from around the country are filled with breathtaking rooms - some of the most spectacular ever featured in the magazine.

Lisa Newsom founded Veranda in 1987 as a showcase for fine design. Trained in fine art, she possesses a camera's eye for composition and finely honed understanding of color. From the first issue Veranda distinguished itself with lush visual presentations, as well as substance behind the beauty. "

The release date for this fabulous book is May 1, 2012. You can preorder it here.

I'm off to the preview party for the Decorator's Showhouse - will have details soon! Don't forget to order your copy of this wonderful book.

Good taste runs in the family, this is the living room of Andrew and Shannon Newsom, Lisa's son and daughter in law.

All images via Houses of Veranda

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  1. I hope your book sells well! I'll be looking for this one at my nearest bookstore. I love how you classified every page from classics to modern. Well, I guess, I will be spending more time looking at the classics design in your book.