Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Re:Treads Flower Pots and Baskets

Saw these pots while cruising through Tuesday Morning. They are old tires made into pots -- pretty cool use of the tires. They look like leather. You can buy some here.

They also make basket out of old tires. You can buy those here.


  1. How cool these products are! Would love to see the home furnishing industry expand product lines using recycled old tires. Imagine stylish Buckhead homes and terraces furnished with such.

  2. Amusing new products...nice to see recyling happen on the higher end...

  3. These are really neat looking, the fact that they are from recycled material makes them something that I hope will become wildly popular! Can you email me the link for tradewmarking pictures when you have a minute? I remember you had sent it to me some time ago...would really appreciate it!!