Monday, August 8, 2011

House of the Week

I saw this house in a post on All the Best and fell immediately in love. I know it looks like all the houses I love, white clapboard, black shutters, but this one has something different - it's just perfect and seems to have soul.

This is Florence de Dampierre's house in Connecticut. Of course I had to see the inside, which you can find in her book French Chic. If you don't own this book, run out and pick it up - I spent several hours with it when I first purchased it.

The apple green den.

You can order the book here: French Chic - The Art of Decorating Houses

Ms. de Dampierre has a new book called Walls - also wonderful.

Both images are from the book, French Chic, photography by Tim Street-Porter.


  1. Just gorgeous!! Love the lime green door and how it pops against the white and black. The interiors look like they dont' disappoint either, will have to get my hands on this book...looks like a goody!

  2. I love your house of the week posts! The door was particularly interesting to see, as we are trying to find the perfect shade of green for our front door. We have sampled 7 colors so far, and none of them have spoken to us - so I am getting three more samples today to see how they work. We have tried a subtle gray-green (too subtle), a brighter green (too bright), a yellow green (don't like yellow tone), a darker green (too forest), a dark gray, the same color as the trim, and one more. Next on the sample list: a blue-green, a darker version of the blue green, and a lichen color. Need to decide this week...

  3. I am a big fan of The House of the Week posts too. Although this house could be a thoroughly renovated colonial house, I am guessing it is a neoclassical revival, one of the late 19th/early 20th century houses inspired by the architecture of the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition. It would be unusual at this date not to have a covered porch, however, but that could have been lost in a later renovation. The pilasters, which also appear in the secondary block beyond, are a particularly nice feature.

  4. Charm personified...not sure I would have been brave enough to paint the door that lime green, but I absolutely adore it!!

  5. Love your houses of the week and your blog. I live in Atlanta and recognize some of them. Keep up the good work.