Monday, September 19, 2011

House of the Week

It's no secret that JD and I love Charleston and Savannah. We love the history, the beautiful houses and the graciousness of the coastal cities. This house was built in 1762 as a double tenement and has been converted into a single family house. It's for sale here.


  1. I guess it is stating the obvious to say that any house in Charleston for sale south of Broad is going to be very expensive. No signs of a depressed real estate market here!

  2. Oh well. I'm trying to sour grape this. What would a view of the harbor do to the price? Because, you know, we'd insist on a view of the harbor.

  3. It's gorgeous, but unless you have a HUGE family, 5,000 square feet just seems insane and wasteful to me. Sorry, but as an urban dweller, that's how I feel.