Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ADAC - Behind the Windows

Stan Topol with J Nelson

Beginning this week ADAC is unveiling a new exhibit: "ADAC - Behind the Windows." This six-month installation pairs ADAC showrooms with local interior designers to create stunning displays. I stopped by on Monday and snapped some photos of the windows - make sure not to miss these beautiful windows at ADAC- it's like window shopping in New York! When you get there, go to the front desk on the third floor and you can pick up a map with the window locations and a folder with information about the exhibit. ADAC's address is 349 Peachtree Hills Avenue, NE, Atlanta 30305.
Stan Topol with J Nelson

Mark Hulsey
Mark Hulsey of WMH Associates, with Brice Ltd.

Tish Mills of Harmonious Living with Ernest Gaspard and Associates
Tish Mills
Tish Mills

William Peace of Peace Design with Grizzel and Mann, Inc.

Linda Castle of Decorated Design with Century Furniture

Regina Kourfras of Devine Commercial and Residential Interiors with Palecek
Regina Kourfras

Carole Weaks
Carole Weaks of C. Weaks Interiors with Ainsworth-Noah and Associates

Michael Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors with Baker Knapp and Tubbs
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd

Karen Hott
Karen Hott of Karen Hott Interiors with Beau Studio
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  1. The Stan Topol vignettes are clever with the art drawn in and the theme "Interior Design is my Favorite Art Form". A couple of particularly interesting chairs, too.

  2. Very nice, thanks for teh information.

  3. Thanks, Helen. A great look at ADAC! I feel like I've actually been there now!


  4. You didn't show Robert Brown for Jerry Pair.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I took photos on Monday, October 1 and the Robert Brown window was not finished. It looked like a wonderful space so make sure you stop by ADAC in person to see the windows.