Friday, November 26, 2010

Fresh Start for a Beautiful Piece of Furniture

This settee was in my husband's entrance hall growing up in Boston (he doesn't like the word settee either -calls it the little french sofa). It sat in the curve of a stair just like it does in my house. I have been itching to recover it since we moved in to our house in 2008. It's finally done!



It looks great with my Thanksgiving flowers. I have orange in my living room too and orangey red in my family room, so it pulls everything together. Color continuity. I bought the fabric at my favorite fabric selling blog - Designer's Attic.


  1. I don't suppose "canapé" accepted either? By any name, it is a good transformation. A nice additional touch would be a softly filled pillow or two; despite association with later styles, it would be an appropriate supplement to this piece.

  2. Yes - more pillows are always welcome in my house! I was thinking yesterday about what kind of pillows to put on it. Fun!

  3. LOVE it!! thanks so much for sharing it w/ me!

  4. How completely lovely...such a shapely little creature!