Monday, November 29, 2010

House of the Week

I used to drive by this house several times a week when we were building our house. I like the fact that it is pretty but humble. It is well done, but not over the top. The roof is not slate, the detail is simple, it's not fussy. It has good lines, is pleasing to the eye and looks like a wonderful family house - exactly what I was trying to accomplish in my own house. When I photographed it I got that warm and fuzzy feeling of home. If the owner reads this blog, I would love to see the inside!

In this picture above you can see the tight lap of the siding (don't know if it's wood or hardieplank). It looks like a 3-4 inch reveal, which is similar to mine. It's a nice look for clapboard, a little different than a wide reveal of 9 inches -which is more common. Below is my house from the south side - you can see the tight reveal of the siding similar to the picture above.

Click on any image to enlarge. All images via Whitehaven


  1. The narrower siding is more in keeping with the historic models. The articulation of the garage connection is a welcome feature, and the French doors an interesting diversion from the expected. But more traditional proportions for the porch would have made an even better impact.

  2. John -
    Should the porch have been smaller to be more traditional?

  3. Just drove by: I approached from the south from where the Southeast corner is almost a terminal vista in the curve, like approaching a white monolith monument peeking out from behind the trees. It's new. It's very close to the street. I couldn't go slowly enough to take it in. In the picture, the height of the porch roof does seem odd. I'm often a sucker a bit of odd. Will drive by again.

  4. Ideally, there would have been a taller and more detailed entablature which would also have allowed the columns to have been a little shorter. I am viewing this on my phone, but it looks like the columns have hardly if any entasis (tapering). There is a great deal of charm here, and I hate to be an over-critical guest, but it just looked like there had been a lot of consideration to all the elements up to the porch. Do you know if this is a new house or an extensive renovation? It is a lovely home, but a better porch would help make it exceptional.

  5. I think it's a house built within the last 5 years (maybe 2005 or 2006). I see the lack of tapering now and also consulted my favorite book - Get Your House Right - to understand the entablature and I see what you mean. It comes down to details...

  6. Enjoyed the architectural discussion in the comments above :)