Friday, February 11, 2011

Love this Peter Dunham House in LA!

The hand painted wallpaper in the dining room above is a copy of wallpaper given to Nancy Lancaster by the King of Sweden.

Interior design by Peter Dunham. All images via House Beautiful. To see more of this house click here.


  1. Lovely home I agree! I love the bright rooms, and the nice easy flow of colors/styles.....must say this more transitional less stuffy look is really growing on me!

  2. The design of handpainted wallcovering is one of my favorites, copied from a room in the theatre at the Drottingholm summer palace. I had it copied by NYC decorative painter Chuck Fischer for a dining room in Dallas. (I will make it a post in the future).

  3. I love big bush next to the stairs and that green is in the middle of all the rooms. Where is green in the room with the fireplace? Pillows?

  4. Love the tree wallpaper...makes me smile.