Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Paris Apartment

I've been dreaming of Paris. Enjoy this beautiful apartment.


  1. OMG if I visited there I am afraid I might not come back. That is seriously gorgeous, those floors, that paneling, all the light and creamy splendor! Its perfect!!

  2. I've seen a dozen or so of these Paris apartments on various shows and online this year, and what always amazes me is the level of detail on every surface that they accomplish without it looking "fussy" at all!

  3. Parisians often rent their apartments in the summer (when they prefer to be elsewhere). Hotel rooms are so small, as a rule. If you plan to stay more than a week, I would recommend renting an apartment.

  4. This is just so charming, and IN Paris! Wonderful. Love this post. xx's

  5. That is seriously gorgeous! Its perfect!!

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  6. The Devoted Classicist, thank you for the information.

    Did you know that have apartments like that in Portugal (in Porto and Lisbon). I think you would love them also.

    I have just found your blog through design chic ... with this post I must be a fan! Maybe we can follow each other. :)

    Love from Portugal.