Monday, July 4, 2011

House of the Week

I have been busy reading my birthday books - always a great way to find inspiration and learn a few things. While reading the Lewis Crook, Architect book, I was struck by a photo of a house that I have long admired, but the house in the photo looked different than the one I was thinking I hopped in my car and drove across Peachtree to see if it was the same house and what the changes were. It was the house in my book, but it now has a large addition on the left side and there are no shutters - but it's the same great house drawn by Crook and built for Henry Wagstaff in 1923.

The photo above is the original house drawn by Lewis Crook.

Above you can see the large addition on the left and the smaller addition on the right. And no shutters. I think I miss the shutters.

The house is beautifully situated on the lot and I like how the driveway swings across the property.

Above you can see the addition on the left side of the house.

My favorite detail is the front door. Does anyone know who the architect was on the additions?

Happy 4th of July!!!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So stately, has a tremendous amound of curb appeal and I love the way the integrity of the original home was so well preserved....gorgeous!

  2. 12 over 20 windows. Wonder why and what the effect is on the eye.

  3. Wonderful makeover. Elegant. Nicely situated in the landscape.

  4. Although the addition is not unattractive when considered on its own, it does not have enough aesthetic connection to the original house for me. Viewing the exterior, the two parts appear as two separate residences, like in a townhouse development.

  5. I agree John. I like the original house the best. Smaller one story additions could have been added to each side (symmetry!)to achieve a more balanced overall impression. I may be mistaken, but I think there is also an addition off of the back. The original body of the house is very pretty.

  6. Thank you Helen for clearing up the confusion. I drive/walk by this house daily and have never understood the addition. Perhaps your explanation is why my dog always lifts his leg approaching the asphalt driveway :-)

  7. I did a drive-by. Is it the ribbons for the blinds that make the windows look so odd? It's like there are extra muntons that give the impression of oddly shaped panes. It's interesting that this part of the street is so homogeneous, the original houses are very similar in style, shape and siting.