Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fun with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I love nothing better than a fun project! A few weeks ago I read about Annie Sloan chalk paint on From the Right Bank . Ally had really good luck with the paint and so we have decided to use it for a couple of projects. The paint can be painted directly on furniture and floors with no priming or sanding -that's right - no priming or sanding!!!

Today, my daughter and I painted a bed for a client and also a small table and chair for my own house. Take a look:

My daughter is reading while I do the prep work! She liked the painting though.

First coat on - more finished pictures after the second coat and wax.

I highly recommend this paint. It goes on so smoothly and is a pleasure to use.
More pictures when finished.

Have a great weekend!


  1. "Old White?" How many 1L pot's? $70/gal sounds good for no prep.

  2. I like traditional furniture painted with a chalky or matte finish. It "wears" well, too, especially with the old finish intact underneath.

  3. These pieces are all painted country gray (although it doesn't look very gray to me, more of a taupe). I ordered old white to accent or add a thin top coat - haven't decided whether or not to use that though. The paint comes in 1 litre pots and is $34.95 a litre. To paint the first coat on the bed we used a quarter of the pot. The wax as the final stage of the process protects the paint. It's a matte wax.

  4. LOVE how these things are coming out!!! Gorgeous...would love to try it myself one day, have heard/read so much about it!! Love what you have done!

  5. Oh no, $140/gal would take some of the fun out of painting our last floor. Could you save me a tiny sample of "Old white?"

  6. I have just finished the table and chair and am very pleased! Will post pictures later today. Finishing the bed next week.

    Terry - I will save you a sample of old white. The paint goes a really long way.

  7. They turned out great. Isn't this paint just the greatest?!

  8. Hmmmmm....sounds as if it would be worth giving it a try...

  9. No priming or heaven!! Looks wonderful ~