Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bedroom Before & After!

Remember this fun bedroom we worked on last spring? (The after is pictured above) We finally took photos this week - we are very excited about the finished room.

This project started because the client redid her master bath and the master bedroom did not work with the gorgeous new marble bathroom. Her previous bedroom colors were muted creams and greens. She wanted a bright, cheerful, fun room, but we wanted to balance that with the new marble bathroom (grays and whites) and make sure it was still a restful room. Her favorite color is purple so the wall color is a pale purple and the curtains and bed linens are periwinkle. Here is the master bedroom before:

And the room after!

The view to the master bath.

Above, beautiful detail in the bathroom.

Our friend Leo


  1. That is a truly beautiful bedroom. Its so elegant and soothing and inviting, I love how its tradtiional but with a slight twist, the little ottomans in a fun color were a great touch, love the bedding and everything else...the architecture of the room is quite beautiful too!

  2. Good work! I especially like the coordination with the bathroom.

  3. Love the pops of color! The fabric on that bolster looks just like something I was looking at today as a possibility for my own it a Schumacher?

  4. Yes, the bolster and curtains are Schumacher and so are the table skirts on the bedside tables.

  5. Sizzles now with those pops of color!

  6. the pop of chartreuse! So classic and timeless....