Monday, September 5, 2011

House of the Week

A Neel Reid eclectic style house built for Jesse Draper in 1922. It is a next door neighbor to this house of the week from two weeks ago, and is a combination of the Neocolonial and Greek Revival styles.

The floorplan:

Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!


  1. Very good, conceals it size, columns in antis is a fave of mine. I love see the floor plan with dimensions but I'll bet there are big changes to kitchen and former bedrooms.

  2. I have never visited this house, but always thought the charming exterior front was the best thing about it, not liking the other sides nor the plan. But I would be interested in comments from those who had been inside. I also wonder if that center tree is as strange in person as it is in the photo.

  3. It is really charming!