Thursday, September 27, 2012


Orange is my favorite color. Green was always my favorite until a few years ago. I love the vibrancy and "look at me" aspects of orange. Just for fun, some beautiful orange rooms:

Celerie Kemble

Charlotte Moss

Mary McDonald

Miles Redd

Sarah Story

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Paris Style

Whitehaven Interiors


  1. Wow you picked some sensational ones...the first two I have not seen and they are GORGEOUS!!

  2. Well, I hadn't seen the last one, and it's GORGEOUS too!! The sheen of the walls must add to the festivities along with the spirits. And the blue hydrangeas within the sightlines are a great touch, always a winning combination with orange.

  3. Cruised Whitehaven world HQ yesterday, will be looking for orange accent soon. Are you OK with pumpkin orange?

  4. The design is gorgeous. The colors looks warm. Honestly I don't like this color to be painted in my house but it really looks awesome!