Friday, September 14, 2012

Renoir's Parisian House for sale

Renoir's beautiful Parisian house is for sale - it was recently renovated and is listed for 9.9 million.

The house is located in Montmartre, once home to many famous artists, Picasso, Van Gogh and Renoir among them. It was for sale in 2008, before the renovation, for 5.6 million. ,

Here are some photos before the renovation:

above 3 photos from the Luxist blog.

Here is a link to a WSJ slideshow and video of the house now that it has been renovated.



  1. Wow just to live in a house where such a genius resided would be amazing.....hum, wonder if any of that talent that was cultivated there would rub off on the new owner:)

  2. This Parisian house is for sale and it really captured my attention. For me it was quite unique and looks ancient yet I really like it. Glad I came across here. Thank you.