Monday, October 15, 2012

House of the Week

Alex Hitz must have the best publicist in the country! He launched his cookbook My Beverly Hills Kitchen Oct 2, is now on a 7 week whirlwind book tour across the country, was on the Today show last week as well as several local stations of cities on his book tour, and to top it off his Los Angeles house is in the November issue of House Beautiful. He will be a household name by the time Christmas comes!
His house is like Alex, gracious and charming with a good dose of fun. Take a peek below, and for the full spread make sure to pick up the November issue of House Beautiful. It's on news stands this week.
All images via House Beautiful, photography by Lisa Romerein

The house was for sale in 2008, to see the photos from the listing, including exterior shots, click here.


  1. This is gorgeous, Helen! Thank you. I might be crazy but I just love how the cookbooks are arranged, all crammed into the cubbyhole under the kitchen china cabinet! I must try this!


    1. I love that too holly! Mine are crammed into 2 shelves.