Monday, October 29, 2012

House of the Week

Southern Piedmont by Russell Versaci
This fabulous tiny house was in Southern Living last month and it caught my eye. It's a jewel box of a house and of all things, is a factory built house. Russell Versaci, architect and author of two of my favorite books (Creating a New Old House and Roots of Home), designed this house as a part of a series of houses called Pennywise (classic style at a lower cost and less build time). I love this house, because (well, it's clapboard and we all know I'm a fool for white clapboard) of the details, the scale and frankly it just seems perfect!
Photos via Southern Living and Russel Versaci website


  1. That is amazing and proof that beautiful things do indeed come in small packages:)

  2. What a great little house. Do you know anymore about it? I think i is som where in Virginia. I would love to see the interior.