Thursday, November 15, 2012

Greek Revival Architecture in Madison, GA

Joshua Hill home, c.1835

My brain likes to categorize things, and so when I was in Madison, I began to notice how many houses there were in the Greek Revival style. This makes sense because American Greek Revival architecture was the dominant style during the Jacksonian era, which was from 1825 to 1855. Many of the houses in Madison were built during this time period. I'm not sure if I took pictures of all of them, but there are quite a few here. Just to summarize the American Greek Revival movement:

- The style dominated American architecture from 1825-55.

- Greek temple form using strong columns and gently pitched pedimented roof. The columns are in the style of the ancient Greek orders (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian) with an entablature above (horizontal member between the column capitals and the roof).

- Predominantly white to emulate the stone that was used in Greece.

- Square head openings for the windows and doors.

- Aedicule openings, which are openings with a column on each side supporting an entablature above. This can either be seen in the front door design, window design and fireplace mantel design.

- The style spread through pattern books like The American Builders Companion, The Builders Assistant and Beauties of Modern Archtiecture.

Martin-Baldwin-Weaver House, 1850

Honeymoon, built in 1851 by Charles Mallory Irwin

Heritage Hall, built in 1811 - Greek Revival alterations added in 1830's and 40's

Fitzpatrick House, c.1850

Baldwin-Ruffin-Lanier house, c. 1840
Oak House, 1897 (Built on the site of the Godfrey-Walton house, which was built in the early 1800's but burned in 1890.)

Stagecoach House, 1810 (Originally an inn on the stagecoach road between Charleston and New Orleans) Remodeled 1845-6

Carter-Newton House, 1850

Greek Revival architecture elements are also found on smaller cottages and single story houses.

Cooke House, 1819, alterations in mid-1800's
Billups-Tuell House, c. 1853
Massey-Tipton-Bracewell House, C.1854

All you architects and architecture experts out there - feel free to weigh in and add comments.

All photos by Whitehaven except Honeymoon, which is for sale and the photo is from the listing.


  1. I've walked past these homes a million times! Madison is the most special town, and the owners of these homes come from all over the globe. My family member lives on the same street as the Stagecoach House; a most wonderful and genteel physician lives there now who took care of my father, she is as graceful as they come. I know I run on long here, forgive me, do try and go back to Madison at Christmas, so charming!

    1. I am moving mountains to be there for the Christmas house tour on Nov 30 and am taking my hubby back for a weekend in mid-December. I am in love with this town!

    2. You must you must! Don't forget the buggy tour if they are offering it this year, at night!

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