Friday, November 9, 2012

Madison, Georgia - The town of white clapboard houses

Nathan Bennett House, 1850

Last week I took a lovely trip to Madison, Georgia. Hard to believe that I grew up in Atlanta and have never been to Madison. It's a beautiful Southern town, welcoming and warm in its hospitality. I recommend the James Madison Inn for an overnight stay, and do buy the William Mitchell, Van Jones Martin book Madison, A Classic Southern Town before you go.

At the James Madison Inn you are well taken care of and are within walking distance of all of the beautiful sites.

exterior of the James Madison Inn

I took myself on the 1.4 mile walking tour of historic Madison. I also drove to some of the more remote historic houses (remote is not far - only a couple of miles or 3 from the center of town). My camera was constantly clicking - there is just so much beauty to take in! This is a highlight reel of some of my favorites in Madison. I am saving some for House of the Week posts and now you just have to go to Madison to see for yourself why I loved it so much.

Magnolia House, C. 1860

Atkinson-Rhodes House, 1893

Baldwin-Williford-Ruffin House, c. 1850

Hunter House, 1883

Austin House, 1860

Oak House, 1897-8

here and below Stage Coach House, 1810, one of the the oldest houses in Madison

Stage Coach House, 1810

here and below, two facades of the same house - Fitzpatrick House, 1850

Neoclassical facade of the Fitzpatrick House, 1850

We will post more of Madison next week, so stay tuned! Click on any image to enlarge. All photos by Whitehaven - copyright protected.


  1. What wonderful houses! I had not heard of the town, but it looks like a great place to visit.

  2. So many beauties...don't think I can ever get tired of white clapboard homes!

  3. Madison is a treasure, and it looks like you caught it on a gorgeous Fall day!