Monday, October 18, 2010

House of the Week

Isaiah Davenport House in Savannah

image via the Davenport House Museum website

Savannah is dreamy in the Fall. Its beautiful all of the time, but is especially lovely in the Fall. I had the privilege of touring this historic house last October. It was built in 1820 by master builder Isaiah Davenport, who was originally from New England. He built the house for his family, and also to show folks in Savannah what he could build - it was his show house. The architecture is Federal in style, imitating the architecture of neoclassical Scottish architect Robert Adam (1728-1792) and his brothers- hence the style is also called Adam style.

The house was almost demolished in 1955, but it was the first house that the Historic Savannah Foundation saved.

above, The Davenport house pre-restoration

image via

detail of the dormers from

The back of the house.


Entrance Hall, above, and staircase below, from the Davenport museum website

Davenport was showing off what he could build, and so the interior of the house has many beautiful features like the staircase above.

If you're in Savannah, this historic house is a must see!


  1. Could you possibly resist the black and white floor?

  2. The garden and the entry hall floor are amazing!! Oh how I would love that garden in my backyard. I do have an black and white floor but nothing that grand. Living in Calif suburbia I can only dream of houses like this one, Thanks for sharing,Kathysue