Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working on a new white kitchen....part 2

image via house beautiful

Did you think that yesterday's photos were all of the beautiful white kitchens we had saved in our picture file? Absolutely not! We love white kitchens and have tons of photos. Some more inspirational images...

image via theinspiredroom

image here and below via

image here and 2 below via JustBeachy

image via Simplified Bee

Stay tuned again tomorrow when we will have part 3 which will feature a white Whitehaven kitchen and some helpful pointers.


  1. Love the last image, because though its white..its a creamy white, not as stark as some. I was just writing that yesteray that when you choose to do something in white, you never can imagine that there are thousands of whites! So I "get" whats is involved in choosing a white kitchen! Great blog hope you might have a minute to check out mine if you can.

    I just started it..thanks and happy 2011!!

  2. Nice inspiration pictures ♥

    Greetings from Finland -AS-

  3. The last image is so it!!