Friday, November 2, 2012

White Clapboard House Alert!

I just spent a day in Madison, Georgia and am still on a high from seeing so many white clapboard houses! Here are just a few to whet your appetite. Next week we'll have lots more photos and the history of many of the houses. ( I took 250 photos of beautiful houses.)
Click on any image to enlarge.


  1. I voting a straight clapboard / board and baton ticket next week.

  2. Oh I wish I knew you were going! My step-mother lives in one, not one you posted though, in Madison! If you met her you'd be instant friends!

    1. Tina -
      Had not been before and fell in love with the town. I am going back in December for the Christmas house tour. What street does she live on?

  3. Hi Helen, I LOVE these homes!! Never get tired of their charm and timlessness. Thanks for the post! Madison at Christmastime sounds fun!


  4. They all look so lovely. I can't wait to read some information on each home.