Whitehaven Design Services

Whitehaven is a residential interior design firm located in Atlanta. We are composed of two partners, Jane Douglas Reynolds and Helen Young.


Whitehaven Philosophy
Whitehaven strives to create beautiful rooms that work for the modern lifestyle. Comfort, beauty and the creation of a home that you love are the primary goals. We believe that your home should reflect you, your tastes and your lifestyle. We can work with what you already have, or we can use new pieces or a combination of the two.

Our houses reflect where we’ve been and where we’re going. A Whitehaven project has pieces from far and near, priced high and low. Interior design today isn’t about the money we spend but is about the connections we have to the treasures we collect.

Please see the fee structure information below and the portfolio page for more information on how we work. We look forward to working with you!


Fee Structure
Straight hourly fee - $100

Cost Plus
You hire us to locate and purchase furniture, fabric and accessories and we use a cost basis, plus an agreed upon percentage on top to cover our time.

Whole House Renovations/New builds
Having both renovated and built houses ourselves, we are delighted to offer our services for whole house projects. We can help you pull together the millions of details and selections for your projects. Fee set by Whitehaven and client.

Advice and consultation for the Informed Client
What We Do -
We help you realize your design aesthetic at your particular budget level:
Sourcing the products (whether to-the-trade items or cost-conscious substitutes),
suggesting paint (colors, brands, and glosses), wall coverings, window treatments, fabric, flooring, art, supplemental furnishings, and other accessories.
We will help you translate your vision into practical design decisions.

What You Do -
Identify specific needs or design dilemmas and provide detailed information (including photos, measurements, and floor plans, if needed). Then, you put our joint vision into action (meaning the client wants to do the footwork).
Shopping (We'll source and you buy).
Implementing, via DIY or by coordinating professional services (including installations, painting and sewing).
Establishing a specific game plan, budget and time line (you lead, we follow).
$100 per hour

Full Service Decorating
What We Do -
As you would expect in hiring a full-service interior decorator, we will provide a comprehensive and hands-on design plan. We will source, purchase and ensure proper installation of finishes and furnishings, doing our best to get the most out of your budget. Our goal is to use exceptional finds and innovative design approaches to help make your room one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours. Your house should reflect you.

What You Do -
After meeting with us for an in-home consultation, you share your thoughts, ideas and opinions throughout the process, and work with us to understand your needs and successfully transform your space(s). You give us parameters so that we can establish a budget and you sign-off on purchases and major design decisions. Most of all, you are welcome to be as involved in the process as you would like to be!

For full service decorating we charge a 30% markup on top of the cost of the items we purchase for you. There may be a few hourly charges within the scope of a project, but the basic fee is wrapped in the markup.

House Consultation Fee
We provide on site consultation and make a plan for your house. After the on site meeting with you, we will provide a written plan with all of the details. After this, we can look for the pieces to implement the plan or you can do that. Our fee is set depending on the size of the house. Pricing begins at $1000.

Please contact us at:
Helen Young - - 404-808-6531
Jane Douglas Reynolds - - 404-386-4446