Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist Profile: Rod Pittam

Last weekend I went on the Druid Hills Tour of Homes - Only on Oakdale. It was a beautiful weekend and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (he gets major brownie points when he goes with me on a house tour, plus he was the photographer).

When I first learned about the tour a couple of months ago, the illustration on the flyer struck me (see below). I was captivated by the drawing of the house - and you know how much I love house drawings.

With a quick Google search I found the artist's website - Rod Pittam. The website gives a nice feel for Rod's work and also has a bio page. A few days ago, I called Rod to tell him how much admire his work and ask him a few questions.

He paints in watercolors and oils and also draws renderings in pen and ink. I love this oil painting of Charleston:

Rendering of a Decatur house

Watercolor of Litchfield Beach in South Carolina

It was exciting to see the range of Rod Pittam's work. His website shows that well. I love the detail, scale and the way Rod captures the essence of the houses - he gives the houses soul. For the the past 14 years, Rod has drawn the houses that are on the Druid Hills Tour of Homes. This is the gift that each homeowner receives when the house is on tour. As you can imagine, everyone wants to be on the tour.

I asked Rod what his process is when he draws an illustration of a house. He told me that he likes to visit the house and might make some sketches onsite, but then draws the house from several photographs. I have looked at a lot of house drawings and Rod Pittam's renderings are something special. The houses just come alive to me.

Here is a house that is on Oakdale, but was not on the tour this year. Rod's rendering is below it. I love this house!

The first three houses on the tour were my favorites - here are their Rod Pittam renderings and photos that we took. All on Oakdale in Druid Hills - worth a drive through if you have time.

When I spoke to Rod on the phone earlier this week, he told me about his blog -
An Artist's Inspired Mind. There is some great information on his blog, check it out!

Have a great weekend!

All images are used with Rod Pittam's permission.


  1. Excellent. Next year "only on Oxford or Springdale" or Lullwater... I'm with you all the way on the non-tour house with the arched portico.

  2. Oh how marvelous. Off to check out his full mind.

  3. I have loved home drawings since my first introduction in Charleston on a school field trip! Love them love them love them! And these are amazing!