Sunday, April 11, 2010


Friday and Saturday I was in Charleston. While I was there I was treated to an amazing private home tour in the Battery! There were only a few of us, so we felt very fortunate to see some of the beautiful houses, but I didn't take pictures of the interiors out of respect for the owners.

This is a gorgeous garden with a pool. Notice the 2 mirrors at the back of the garden-they give the illusion of the garden going on and on.
The pool is beautiful!
The architecture and the art in this house are stunning. As are the views!!!!

This is basically the view from that house! There was a regatta this weekend and there were hundreds of boats in the harbor.

Above and below are two views from the rooftop patio - how awesome is this! You can see the cruise ship in the picture below. It left yesterday (Saturday) morning. The town was packed Friday afternoon with all the people meeting the ship.

This is part of Rainbow Row as seen from the rooftop patio

Below is another wonderful garden!


  1. I very envious of your Charleston visit. I hope you can go again very soon. P.S It was "Charleston Race Week."

  2. Ohhhh, I am so intrigued now about their art!
    I grew up on the coast of SC and GA and spent a lot of time in Charleston, and I long to go back to all my old haunts. I am so happy for these photos, I am so happy you went for your sake an mine!

  3. I wish we could all see the interiors - Jane Douglas said they were great.

  4. I love Charleston. Grew up there and have always loved the beautiful homes downtown!