Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the ....


We've been admiring mirrored tables recently (coffee and side). Some of our favorites -
Right is a reverse mirrored coffee table from Worlds Away.

Similar coffee table from Amy Howard

Coffee table from Polyvore

Coffee table from Worlds Away

Jan Showers frequently uses mirrored coffee tables for their glamorous touch:

Image from Southern Accents 2004

Image above is from Jan Showers' website

Another Jan Showers living room above, from her website

Image from Decor Pad

Photo by Jeremy Samuelson


  1. Just spoke with a client about a World's Away Coffee table, catalog is sitting at my feet! Love their stuff, especially that first table you posted on the top right!

  2. Love mirrors and the things they do for a room--sparkle, spaciousness, light and an open feeling.