Monday, October 4, 2010

House of the Week

A Brookhaven Beauty...

Sorry for the weird photo angles. The house is stunning in person. There are so many trees in the front yard that I had to work around them.

Similar feel (but obviously different details since the house above has a gable in front) to the house I grew up in below. I know, I know... I have an obsession with white clapboard and black shutters.


  1. I drive by this one once a week sometimes twice, maybe today. These, on the hill overlooking the golf course are the grandest. It's interesting to me that I never see anyone on the sidewalks. Folks walk, jog and stroll their babies on the narrow, curvy, no-sidewalk, dangerous streets. Be careful driving through there.

  2. Beautiful house!! And I am happy to see the house you grew up in! Hope to see you at the party!