Friday, October 29, 2010

In honor of the Pink month of October, interior photos of the Pink Palace

The pink month of October is winding down, but my last post of the month is in honor of all the brave women who face breast cancer, the doctors and nurses who treat women with breast cancer and the researchers who search for a cure. I give you the interiors of the Pink Palace, previously posted about here, designed by Neel Reid, Philip Shutze and the firm of Hentz, Reid and Adler. This is the Calhoun house in Atlanta, also known as Trygveson.

At right are doors in the living room, also called the ballroom.

detail from the entrance hall or loggia

Allyn Cox mural from the entrance hall

settee below the mural in the entrance hall

main stair detail in the entrance hall

the living room, also called the ballroom

detail from the living room

another set of doors in the living room

the library

magnificent library ceiling designed by Neel Reid and Philip Shutze

dining room mantel and plasterwork medallion of Michelangelo

view of the mantel with chandelier in the dining room

an upstairs room over the porch - I love the coloration of the plaster

This wonderful house is for sale, listed by Beacham and Co. - click here to see the listing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

all photos by Whitehaven


  1. Thanks. Saving the pink dining room for leter? It's a force of the universe.

  2. Do you mean the breakfast room? I didn't get any good shots of it - the lighting didn't work for my is very bright!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring this!!

  4. A lovely way to honor the end of the pink month!!!

  5. Wow! What a grand and stunning home. I've never even been in a home like this!