Monday, October 25, 2010

House of the Week

I drive by this house at least 5 times a week. But it first really came onto my radar screen as one of my favorites in 2007 when it was being renovated. We were building our house at the time and I drove by it many times to be inspired by the color, the architectural elements, and the roof. I love the color of the slate. I also love the pea gravel courtyard in the front and the welcoming, large front steps. And those arched dormers are gorgeous!!! Proportional working shutters, quoins and large bay windows complete the picture for one beautiful facade.

I can't seem to remember who did the renovation - architect or builder. Does anyone know? Leave it in the comments if you do. It's a fabulous house!


  1. OK I did a drive-by. The middle of 3 very stately houses in a row. They don't exactly match in style but very much in size, scale and formality.

  2. Discovered this gem too while real-estalking Dixon's house to the left. Did you notice the steel windows on the left?

    Unfortunately I don't have any details on architect or builder.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. This happens to be an interior design client of mine. As pretty as the house is outside believe me it is equally as beautiful inside. We spent time making sure we focused on the details. I am an interior designer in Atlanta with a shop. Jane Johnson Waddell Interiors.