Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Atlanta's Peachtree Heights East in the Snow

Also known in Atlanta as the Duck Pond neighborhood, here's a walking tour of my neighborhood in the snow...

Kay Douglass' house

One of my all time favorites!

This one is a Neel Reid and used to look very much like the Neel Reid house I grew up in until the owners added the wrap around porch.

This charming house was built a few years ago.

Frank Neely was the architect on this house built in 2004-05.

I have always loved these two up on the hill. Frank Neely was the architect when the house on the left was renovated.

Two cozy bungalows....

This house was a one story cottage before its renovation several years ago. I adore this house.

One of the first houses built in the neighborhood in the 1920's.

Built about 10 years ago, this house is in the style of a Charleston row house.

I hope you enjoyed your walking tour of Peachtree Heights East. I think the eclectic mix of styles and sizes makes it very visually satisfying. I do love my neighborhood!


  1. Can't believe that is Georgia! Wow, doesn't everything and all houses look so much more beautiful perched on a splendid blanket of white snow? I sure think so....great pictures, thanks for looking.

  2. I meant thanks for Wow I really do need my coffee!

  3. Oh those blue shutter, they almost make me want to paint my black ones but I don't have enough guts.

  4. I cruise the neighborhood once a week on my errands, and over Christmas with out of town relatives. It's hard to believe that the pond is one block from Peachtree. Hope you'll feature the first house on Parkside some day, the one closest to the lake. You know the one.

  5. Helen thanks for your very kind comments on my new blog. Yes we used Loewn and MJ for the lower level rear (all mahogany) but it was prohibitive to use MJ for the entire house nor did we want mahogany cased windows. Too bad they closed in Atlanta, hopefully they will open up there again when the economy starts to bounce back!
    All the best~

  6. The best feature of older homes in Atlanta...the fabulous steps and stairs that lead to the front door. Love them.

  7. So pretty, Helen! I just googled Peachtree Heights East and your post came up. Sorry I missed it the first time around.