Monday, January 17, 2011

House of the Week

photograph above by Van Jones Martin

Our House of the Week is another Lewis "Buck" Crook house (last week was a Crook house also) . I am enamored of this architect and have been driving all over town looking at his classic, sometimes quirky, always beautiful houses. This house is in Brookwood Hills - one of my favorite Atlanta neighborhoods. It was built in 1928 for William A. Parker, Jr. and the Parkers added a garage in 1953. The Parkers sold the house to Anne and Bradley Hale in 1964. The house is featured in Bill Mitchell's book Classic Atlanta.

From the Lewis Crook website:

"After a serious fire in March of 1996, the Hales hired Atlanta architect, Norman Askins, to restore their home. Careful study of Buck's original tracings brought to light the fact that, probably because of the depression of 1929, the house had not been built exactly as designed. For example, Buck's design called for 9-piece moldings throughout the interior of the house: economic belt-tightening dictated 3-piece moldings in 1929. Mr. Askins restored the home to Buck's original specifications."

An interior photo of the house by Van Jones Martin:

My pictures of the house....bad lighting - sorry!

From this angle you can see the 1996 addition.


  1. Must do drive-by! Crook's places always have "extra" yet always seem understated. Arches, medallions how the chimneys cut the roof. Very dignified I think.

  2. A beautiful classic house from my favorite era! Love that it was restored back to its original specifications. That millwork on the fireplace wall is magnificent - just my style!!

  3. Snow in Atlanta I see...brrrr..r..lovely house.