Monday, January 31, 2011

House of the Week

A beautiful 20 year old William Baker house.
Mr Baker received the Arthur Ross Award in New York for this house in 1993. It sits amid many houses built in the 1920's and 30's - and is completely at home. To see detailed images of the house from Bill Baker's website - click here.

image from Harry Norman realtors

this image and one below via Harry Norman realtors

The house is currently for sale. Listing here.


  1. Oh my that is one gorgeous home. Love the limestone and brick combination....very well done. Goes to prove that homes dont' have to "mcmansions" to be spectacular!

  2. The use of limestone as emphasis against red brick is very effective, especially in combination with the slate roof and cobblestone driveway. I would be interested in seeing it in person, however, to better understand the seemingly sunken effect with the front partially hidden behind berms. So many notable 1920s - 30s houses in Atlanta are prominently sited on a slight rise, so this new house must be a little unusual in that context.

  3. You are correct John, the fact that it appears to sit down slightly is odd. It was built in 1990 as "infill" with several other newer houses next to it - so I'm not sure how the original lot looked. The current lot is slightly over an acre - which is small for this neighborhood. Most of the lots are at least 3 acres. So, subdividing the lot might have taken away a better situation for the house. When you are there in person it appears to be flat from the street - I don't know why they built up those berms in the front. It would be interesting to hear Bill Baker's thoughts!

  4. It's a stunner among stunners o the street. But: "OVER $2 MILLION DOLLAR PRICE REDUCTION!" for a Tuxedo Park infill? Good Grief.

  5. Simply amazing. The decor is gorgeous, and I love the backyard pool and entertaining area. Sigh.

  6. What a gorgeous home - even the driveway is fabulous!!