Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

I am off on an overnight field trip with my youngest (who's 10), so I'm posting from the archives. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

from the archives...

Happy Mother's Day

right, Carrsbrook, Jane Douglas' grandmother's house in Virginia. It was built by Thomas Jefferson's nephew in Albemarle County and was modeled on the Williamsburg "Simple House".

Jane Douglas and I got our love of houses and interior decorating from our mothers and grandmothers. We both grew up with women who liked to create beautiful environments and who loved to move furniture around.

Jane Douglas' childhood home in Suffolk, Virginia

So on Mother's Day we would like to say thank you to the women in our families who loved us and raised us, who taught us to appreciate beauty and how to create a home for our own families. Here's to you - our mothers, Fontaine and Gay, and to our grandmothers, Betsy and Helen, Yancey and Imogene . We love you!

The house that I, my mother and grandmother all lived in in Atlanta.

Tombee Plantation in Beaufort, SC - my grandparents' house for many years. Image from Southern Accents.

image of Tombee from national register -sc


  1. Nothing like a home with a beauitful generously sized front porch for lounging around.....Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Hope your Mother's Day weekend is wonderful!