Monday, May 16, 2011

House of the Week

Designed by Neel Reid for Sigmund Montag, this Druid Hills house was built in 1915. According to the book Architecture of Neel Reid in Georgia
the house is reminiscent of 17th century French architecture. However, the entrance doorway is late 17th century English. I think the quoins and window jack arches in redbrick make an interesting statement.

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  1. The vernacular architecture during the 16th century rein of Francois 1er used brick detailing and stucco combined with red clay tile for the hipped roofs. But the exterior of this house does not appear to be very French inspired otherwise, does it? It is a very handsome house, however, and a good example of eclectic influences.

  2. I look forward to your Houses of the Week! They never disappoint!

  3. Wonder why the owners haven't done something for a nicer entrance way? Oh well. Sometimes people just get used to things as they're always been.

  4. I think its very stately...very regal and I like the way its set back, has lots of curb appeal. It needs two elegant planters with a pair of trees flanking the front door otherwise I think its really lovely!