Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Kitchen Curtains Are Finished!

Do you remember this post on my kitchen window treatment dilemma?

In short, the new house next door to me is very visible from the kitchen and breakfast room. I needed to do something to help block the looming cream colored house. We will eventually put in a green screen of trees outside, but in the meantime I now have privacy and the ability to block out the new house when I want/need to...Plus it softens the whole kitchen and breakfast room. The curtains can close all the way, completely covering the windows, 41 yards of white linen is very helpful! I decided to stop the curtains at the window sill instead of going to the floor so the room didn't look too small. But they go all the way to the crown molding, emphasizing the 10 foot ceilings. I put a roman shade over the sink to give privacy and block the house, but not add too much fabric, which might get wet and dirty when we wash dishes. My curtain maker is awesome! Thanks Craig.

To see the before pictures click here and here and here.

See how you really don't notice the new house as much now. Yay!


  1. Looks amazing!! Love the light and how you kept them light and airy....beautifully done! It frames the window just perfectly :)

  2. The kitchen ceiling was not visible in the earlier posts. But I am so happy to see that you do not have recessed downlights! Too many new traditional houses fall victim to what is seen as an easy solution.

    And, in your case, the white linen works so much better than any print could.

  3. Per the architect (Brad Heppner) we have no cans on the first floor at all. We have some in the basement playroom and in my master closet, but that's it. Even upstairs there are none. Trying to have it be a "new old house."

    We are really enjoying the curtains and the privacy and coziness they bring to the kitchen. Funny that it took me 3 years to put them in...

  4. I cruised Casa Whitehaven this morning. I hope to talk with Mr. Kelly at Midtown Green tonight. We keep binoculars handy for our neighbors in the new apartments next door. They never seem to open their shades/blinds/curtains.

  5. Wonderfully done! I think can-lights can be really great when on dimmers. Your breakfast room is lovely. xx's

  6. I love the curtains and the roman shade! I am on the hunt for simple curtain rods. Where did you purchase/order yours?


  7. My curtain maker gets all of our rods and hardware for us - he is awesome, installs too. But I don't know the source. I know that Rejuvenation has good basic rods and curtain rings that look like mine.