Friday, August 12, 2011

Lyford Cay

Jane Douglas has had a whirlwind summer. She has just gotten back from the Bahamas where she had lunch at the Lyford Cay Club. Originally decorated by Lady Ann Orr-Lewis in the 1960's, the interior was redecorated by Tom Sheerer (took him 7 years). It's perfect!!!

All of the above images via Whitehaven.

Here's a larger photo of the living room from Town and Country magazine- the club was featured awhile back.


  1. Gorgeous!! I have been there once, parents friends had a house there for a long time but sold it about 2 years ago, it is certainly dreamy and I would have loved to see the enjoy seeing the newly done interiors! Hope Jane had fun.

  2. The decor seems perfect for the scale of the rooms and the tropical locale, doesn't it? A wonderful example of relaxed sophistication.

  3. My favorite place in the universe! Endless happy memories from childhood summers at my Grandmother's cottage there. (not to mention the happy ADULT memories of Sean Connery sightings on the shore)! However, pictures can never capture the spirit of this magical refuge.

    You should read the V.F. article (issue from 2010 or '11, I think?) about the cast of Mad Men. Don and Betty Draper, photographed by Annie Leibovits in all their vintage glory, at a home on the island!