Monday, August 22, 2011

House of the Week

The obsession continues....which one you might ask? Neel Reid, or white houses with black shutters? Both of course!

This house was built for Henry Newman in 1921-22. The design of the house is credited to the firm of Hentz, Reid and Adler. The facade was drafted by AEC (documents do not tell us who AEC was), and the garden design is by Neel Reid. Every mention of the house I could find (in my Neel Reid books, Atlanta architecture books and online sleuthing) gives design credit to Neel Reid.


  1. Love it! Great curb appeal with that sweeping green lawn against the crisp white!

  2. Helen, I have recently catered a charity affair in this stately house and can confirm that it is in fact a Neel Reid, with a recent sympathetic addition to the rear facade and significant garden terracing which is original to the property. There is also a pool, but I'm not clear on its date of origin. The french doors to the left in your photos were originally configured for a screened-in garden room (now enclosed) which is accessed via twin two-steps-down entrances from the living room, in typical Neel Reid / Hertz, Reed & Adler fashion. I'm happy to report that this house is indeed in good hands today as the current owners - a delightful family -are truly appreciative of its provenance.