Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Timeless Elegance

These rooms have it...

Design by Sister Parish, image via Architectural Digest

Bunny Williams, photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg

Astor library, design by Albert Hadley

Mario Buatta

Sister Parish (White House dressing room)

Thanks to the Devoted Classicist, I have some photos of the Astor Library the way it was when Albert Hadley decorated it. The photo above is from recent years when the house was for sale. Please go to the Devoted Classicist's blog to read more about this fabulous room.

Here is the original painting over the fireplace, compare to above:

And another photo of the room, with the original rug and chairs.

above two photos from the book ALBERT HADLEY: THE STORY OF AMERICA'S PREEMINENT INTERIOR DESIGNER by Adam Lewis courtesy of The Devoted Classicist.


  1. The White House dressing room is simply luxurious, love the calming colors.


    Art by Karena

  2. Is the Brooks Astor library photo from the real estate sales images? Although Albert Hadley's innovative red lacquer and brass scheme is intact, some of the other elements have changed including the rug and the bergere upholstery, not to mention the now-infamous painting that had hung over the fireplace. Minor details to some, these changes really have an effect on the impact of the room.

  3. The yellow room, I want to be in the yellow room.

  4. Thank you John for commenting on Brooke Astor's library. I knew something was wrong with this image, and reading the comments confirmed I did not have to dig out the image I have of Albert's masterpiece! I am so happy Helen you posted these images today! I just re-read "Sister" last week.

  5. Such gorgeous and classic spaces. That Astor library is truly breathtaking........truly inspirational!

  6. Thanks John for the heads up about the Astor library. I have updated the post. All who love the Astor library should go read The Devoted Classicist's post on the room. It is linked above.

  7. You are welcome, Helen! Thanks for the link!