Sunday, February 21, 2010

Helen Durant - part two

Wild dog, 2008

For your Sunday eye candy, some more of Helen Durant's work.

An Ear to the Ground, 2006

Ground Study, 2010

For inquiries about Helen's work, please see her website: Helen Durant

All artwork appears courtesy of Helen, and may not be used without her permission.


  1. I don't know why but "Ear to the Ground" make me smile. I feel like I have my ear to the ground.

  2. Those birds are divine! Birds were the big theme at the Artists Market his year. I even had people asking me to show them all of the paintings with birds.

  3. The birds are hanging through next week at the Swan Coach House gallery. The bird on the left is sold, but the one on the right in the above photo is still for sale.

  4. I always love spotting a Helen Durant in a magazine or show house. Big fan of the Goats!

  5. Thanks for the photos of Helen's work.....she's such an original!