Thursday, February 11, 2010

Scottie Dogs are beautiful accessories...

With a lot of personality!

A friend of mine, from whom I got my Scottie dogs, said that he has been told, "You don't have dogs, you have great accessories." Which brings me to this picture -
don't my two Scotties, Trevi on the left and Daisy on the right - look great with my marble floors?

Also, the Westminster Dog Show is this weekend in NYC, and assuming that the snow won't stop the show (it has never been cancelled) - a Scottie named Sadie is expected to win the whole show. Sadie won the terrier group at Westminster in 2009:

My dog Trevi's great grandmother won Westminster in 1995:
from the blog Scottish Terrier Dog News:
"In 1995 Gaelforce Post Script aka Peggy Sue who, as the Scottie News previously reported, celebrated her win by eating steak atop a table at Sardi's. Her three-year-old granddaughter Hiwood Lady Georgianna of Elidor is also a dog show star who might very well carry on the family's winning Westminster tradition."

Peggy Sue - my dog's great grandmother :

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