Monday, February 1, 2010

Things I love...

The wonderful thing about going on house tours or perusing our favorite shelter magazines (either in print on online) is that we begin to find our own style by seeing how other folks put rooms together. Have you ever had the feeling, either when in a house or when looking at a photo of a house, of “that is so beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous” (insert whatever adjective suits you) that it takes your breath away?
Well, those are times to remember because you have just had a connection with something in or about the room – either the way it was arranged, or the color, or some object in the room. We can then take those memories and use them to inspire us in our own homes.

Many of the things that inspire me have been with me for as long as I can remember – like my love of white clapboard houses (because I grew up in one), English and early American antiques (passed on to me by my mother and grandmother), large formal dining rooms (where families can gather) and my love of pillows (my grandmother always has so many pillows on her sofa). But just as many of the things that inspire me I have found on my own over time– like my love of black and white marble floors, French antiques (we were lucky to have inherited a few from my mother in law), painted Italian tables, chairs, mirrors and curio, and fresh flower arranging.

I think a house with heart reflects the interests and loves of the owner – the owner has a connection with the contents. They have been acquired over time – whether it's from family, or through travel, or through many diligent shopping trips to favorite stores . The house and its contents tells the story of our lives.

Here are some photos of the things that I love:
Florentine table:

Fresh flowers (arranged by me):

Marble floors!

image courtesy of

Some of the antiques we have found over the years:

Except where specified otherwise, images from Whitehaven

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  1. Congratulations on your new design business and your blog! It looks like you are off to a fine start! I am crazy for that staircase and those marble floors. Lovely!