Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Beautiful Atlanta House...Please come inside!

A few weeks ago Jane Douglas co-hosted an event at this beautiful home. As she described the fabulous kitchen to me, she mentioned that the architect on the renovation was Brad Heppner, who was our architect when we built our house in 2007. The delightful owner agreed that we could come and take photos of the kitchen for a post on Brad Heppner kitchens. So, we were surprised and glad to see the post on the exterior of the house yesterday at Things That Inspire. Please come with us as we take a peak inside this truly fantastic kitchen.

The house was totally renovated in 2007-08. The charming owner told me yesterday that every room was touched in the renovation. The kitchen is of course completely new and the use of space is brilliant. The first thing that struck me when I walked in was the color. It's a warm beigey-gray called revere pewter (Benjamin Moore). It looks great with the honed carrera marble counter tops. The inset cabinets have elegant hardware that also complements the color.

There are two islands, both topped with honed marble, but each has a different base. One base matches the cabinetry, the other is meant to look like furniture.

This kitchen works hard and looks beautiful. Look at all of the counter space where a cook can work. The stove is impressive and well placed in its environment. There is a sink under the casement windows and another on the island next to the stove. This is a family kitchen that can handle many people working at once.

But what makes this kitchen soar above most is the attention to detail in the cabinetry and the surprise baking kitchen placed behind the main kitchen. There are two refrigerators in the main kitchen with this classic bookcase in the middle.

Two refrigerators on either side of the bookcase with elliptical arch

Another great feature of this kitchen that Brad Heppner likes to use in his kitchen design is drawers below the counter tops with few cabinets down low.

I have this in my own kitchen and it works beautifully. The drawers hold so much and the items inside are easy to access. Below are two photos of my Brad Heppner kitchen.

You can also see the prevalence of drawers in this Brad Heppner kitchen below, that was featured in the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles kitchen contest.

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles blog, Bradley Heppner architect, Amy Morris Interior Design

Our absolutely favorite part of this amazing space is the baking kitchen. It is located to the left of the stove through this doorway...

It has its own sink, two ovens, a movable marble island and stunning shelves! A kitchen within a kitchen.

The baking kitchen -

Are you swooning yet? If not, this butler's pantry between the kitchen and dining room will do the trick.

Third photo below is the Butler's pantry that Brad Heppner designed for the award winning kitchen featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

A few details from the outside of the house.
The garage

View from the breakfast room door

A HUGE thank you to the fabulous homeowner who so graciously welcomed us and shared her home!

Unless specified otherwise, photos by Whitehaven


  1. OH-MY-HEAVENS. I love this, I have never in my life heard of a baking kitchen inside another kitchen, how GENIOUS. I was ssooooo excited to see the interior of this house - THANK YOU! I am pleased you had Brad Heppner as your architect, how perfect was that! Love your photos and those of this gorgeous home.

  2. Huge thankyous to the owners, Mr. Heppner, and Whitehaven. Those are really refrigerators? A butlers pantry with a view?

    I like having a lamp on the kitchen counter.

    I'm with you all the way on Kitchen drawers. They are even better as backbones ages.

  3. The butler's pantry is so pretty! It looks out to the front yard. Has casement windows across the whole thing. It really is a spectacular room. And it has tons and tons of storage.

  4. I just can't get over all the gorgeous homes in Atlanta! I'm having a gold mirror giveaway on my blog so please stop by if you're interested!

  5. Beautiful...and of course this makes me want to see the rest of the house!

  6. Just posted about this on the TTI Facebook page!

  7. Amazing, simply amazing! When you think nothing new could be added to kitchens, someone comes up with practical and gorgeous ideas--like the butler pantry with windows--not a dark space, and the baking kitchen within the kitchen. I'm afraid this kitchen calls for a professional chef; I wouldn't do it justice! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I just began a blog a couple of weeks ago. I'd welcome you to come take a look.

  8. I think I just died and went to kitchen heaven. A kitchen within a kitchen? This man is brilliant!

  9. Swooning and Seething! I want that kitchen :-) That long row of windows mixed with all the white marble, YUM. Lower drawers work so much better than cabinets. Sometimes it seems like I am crawling literally inside my own cabinets at home just to find the right pan, drawers eliminate that mess (or hiding place, depending on your perspective). Professional kitchens all use drawers, so what are these people chefing up? Bet it's good! Thanks for the tour!

  10. When Holly at TTI posted the exterior of this house, I wanted to see the interior and this kitchen doesn't disappoint. The baker's kitchen, the storage and windows are magnificent!

  11. You are 100% right. That kitchen needs to be in a magazine. Thanks for reminding me to come over and take a look :)

  12. I am definitely swooning. The baker's kitchen is such a bonus to this already lovely kitchen. I had already checked out the outside of house which is stunning and the architect so this was a pleasant peek. Thanks to the homeowner for being very generous. Thanks for sharing.