Monday, May 10, 2010

Billy Baldwin Slipper Chairs

We are searching for slipper chairs for a client's living room. We love the classic one, available through Ventry (shown above).

They are available just about everywhere now (Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, even Target has them). Personally, I like them best with a skirt like this one below, but they are all classic and add style to any room.

Image via Peak of Chic

Image via Pigtown Designs

Image from House Beautiful, 1999

Martha Stewart for Bernhardt

Mrs Howard Personal Shopper

Crate and Barrel

Ellen Kennon

Calico corners

Image from Architectural Digest

Can you see the slipper chair hiding behind the table above?


  1. Aren't they fun? I have a few personal faves from your images, but my measure of a good slipper chair are those you don't feel you will spill out of, because I have - ha! Fun post, THX

  2. Such a classic your blog!