Monday, May 17, 2010

A Yumbii Digression

We are taking this post in a different direction than usual. It's a food post on a design blog! A friend told us about this awesome new restaurant at 1341 Collier Road at the intersection of Hill Street and Collier. It's called Hankook Taqueria - and the food is fantastic. Chef Tomas Lee, formerly of The Buckhead Life Group and Tomas, describes the food as Korean BBQ. When we went recently we had pork and chicken tacos with a delicious spicy sauce and sesame fries (which are to die for!) On another visit we had calamari tacos and Bibim-bop - which is a hugely filling meal consisting of rice with beef, vegetables, spicy pepper sauce all topped with a fried egg! The prices are so reasonable - one day we each ate for $6 including a drink.

And now this great food is mobile too! A friend's son has launched the Yumbii food truck featuring the delicious food of Hankook Taqueria. The truck will move around in it's location you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

From the Atlanta Food Cart blog:

"Carson Young’s bold new food truck, designed with the help of Chris Stalcup (the one with the brown shirt on the right), promises to be “fun, inviting, and digital to the core.”

Chef Tomas Lee of Hankook Taqueria supplies the expertise for the Korean, Mexican & Southern mashup and the fresh gourmet tacos
The “complete digital experience” includes an always-on wireless network wrapped around the truck.

Be among the first to try this fully local hot new concept! You can begin by following them on twitter. "

Disclaimer: Even thought Yumbii's owner has the same last name as I do, there is no relation - it's just great food!

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  1. Fabulous idea! A grown-up version of the ice-cream truck that comes around with an organ tune that energizes the neighborhood. Choco tacos, my favorite!