Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jewelry Designer Janet Gregg's House in Charleston

Janet's colonial-era cottage in Charleston

Thursday, May 6 and Friday, May 7 Jane Douglas Reynolds and Felicia Huger are hosting a show for jewelry designer Janet Gregg at Felicia's house. Jane Douglas and Janet have known each other for many years -from childhood summer vacations spent at Virginia Beach. After college Janet spent fourteen years in New York City where she worked for Charlotte Moss and helped to launch Vaughan lighting.

The Stair hall - Janet admits to having a "chair fetish."

Janet's plentiful creativity is evident in Jane Douglas' description of a weekend in New York with Janet:

"A typical morning while staying with Janet would find her up at 5am beading or doing flowers - whatever the project at hand was. If she was working on flowers for a party, she would have to get a taxi to the flower "place" then pack them all in the taxi and head to either her apartment or the party location and she would then work her magic. I'd stay for days and days and while she seemed to be just hanging out with me, but she was actually at all times stealthily working on projects - she would be beading, needle pointing, potting plants or drawing her flower arrangements, she never stopped!"

After fourteen years in NYC, Janet found the perfect house in the historic district of Charleston that persuaded her to make Charleston her home. Janet has a studio on Market Street in Charleston where she now creates her gorgeous jewelry.

Living room

The dining room walls are covered in dark stripe wall finish that Janet applied using torn card board boxes.

The upstairs pink hall

There's not a lot of storage in the 1040 sq ft cottage, so Janet stores many things decoratively in plain site.

The guest bedroom

Janet's Chapman cuff

All images of Janet's house are from Cottage Living.

If you would like more information on Janet's jewelry or to attend the show, please email Jane Douglas at or call her at 404-386-4446.


  1. A really fresh look at cottage style. Thanks!

  2. I love the pink hall and the guest bedroom images, the exterior is fab, too! Lovely post and great info. Love-me-some-Charleston!

  3. this is fabulous. the guest bedroom and hallway are spectacular.

  4. I just got back from the jewelry show. If you are in Atlanta you need to go. Janet's jewelry is fresh and pretty - makes a statement without being too much. There are just so many great pieces and the prices are reasonable! Plus, Janet is so much fun - it's worth it just to meet her.